Welcome to Friends of Ethiopian Jews

Friends of Ethiopian Jews, Inc. (FEJ) supports grassroots Ethiopian-Israeli organizations working to create full integration and successful absorption in Israel for the Ethiopian Jewish community.  By supporting programs and projects led by Ethiopian-Israelis themselves, FEJ strives to empower the community, to help improve opportunities for Ethiopian-Israelis and to help create a just society in Israel overall.   All programs, projects and organizations supported by FEJ are led, managed, controlled or directed by Ethiopian Israelis.

Founded in 1998 by members of the former American Association for Ethiopian Jews (AAEJ) and other veteran activists dedicated to assisting Ethiopian Jews in Israel,  FEJ supports organizations, programs and projects that are grassroots, well-managed and effective –  achieving measurable, successful results.   Currently, FEJ assists seven Ethiopian-Israeli groups, and welcomes donations on behalf of these outstanding organizations:

Tebeka – Advocacy for Equality & Justice for Ethiopian-Israelis
, (Amharic for “Advocate of Justice”), is the legal aid organization serving Israel’s 120,000-member Ethiopian-Israeli community. It was founded in 2000 by Itzik Dessie, the first Ethiopian Israeli attorney ……..Read More

 Keren Hanan Aynor -Supporting Students today, Creating the Leaders of Tomorrow!
Chaired by Tsega Melaku, KHA is Israel’s most veteran and prestigious scholarship program for Ethiopian Israelis.  For the past two decades, KHA has supported first and second generations in acquiring higher education, including Masters & PhD degrees ….Read More

Friends by Nature – Community Empowerment
Friends by Nature (FBN) Community Empowerment is a non-profit Israeli organization that was established in 2005 by a diverse group of Ethiopian-Israelis and veteran Israelis, secular and religious…….. Read More

new-olim-beyahad-logo-2016Olim Beyahad
– or Bandelay Woodelay (in Amharic), or Rising Together (in English) – integrates members of the Ethiopian Israeli community as a normative and important part of Israeli life in the areas of employment, residence, education, and social life. ……..Read More

Association of Ethiopian Jews or AEJ  [formerly Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews]

The Association of Ethiopian Jews (AEJ), directed and run by Ethiopian Israelis, is a unique advocacy organization – a formidable voice and defender of, the Ethiopian Jewish community in ……..Read More

Tech-Career – Computer Training for Ethiopian-Israelis
For over 25 years, Ethiopian-Israelis have been attempting to break out of the harsh socio-economic reality in which they live and integrate into Israeli society. Tech-Career offers professional technology training and job placement services ……..Read More

Hinneni – and the Beta Israel Atachlit Farm & Village

Hinneni works to improve the environment and the quality of life for adults, youth, and children of the Ethiopian Israeli community by establishing and nurturing of Community agriculture and a Cultural Center in the form of a model village with accompanying income-producing activities. Click here ……