AEJ Advocacy for Housing!

One of the most pressing issues AEJ is working on now is the planned closure of the Mevasseret Zion absorption center on September 4, 2017  – 660 residents are being evacuated by the Jewish Agency/Ministry of Absorption.  At the moment, the plan is to move the residents to yet another absorption center. Many of these “olim” have been in the country for over 10 years!  We are with working a group of residents and with government officials in order to try to reach a solution for permanent, sustainable housing.   Residents have petitioned the Supreme Court, held a number of demonstrations and met with Members of Knesset.

Recently, at the Distributive Justice Knesset Committee meeting, committee chair MK Mickey Zohar assured he would have the Ministries of Absorption, Housing and Treasury sit down together to try to reach an immediate solution. Moving the residents to yet another absorption center is NOT a suitable solution. It is also absurd for the Absorption Ministry to continue to fund 16 absorption centers, many of which not even half full, instead of putting these funds towards affordable, permanent housing solutions.

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