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Friends by Nature (FBN) - Community Empowerment is a non-profit Israeli organization established in 2005 by a diverse group of Ethiopian-Israelis and veteran Israelis, secular and religious, all committed to multiculturalism, helping youth at-risk and the success of immigrant communities in Israel.  FBN runs programs for at-risk Ethiopian-Israeli youth and their families – focusing on developing young leadership, increasing volunteerism, civil society, community renewal, strengthening the family unity, and increasing a connection to the land of Israel.  

FBN implements a "Community Garin" holistic approach: Successful Ethiopian-Israelis (young families and young adults) move back into at-risk neighborhoods, form groups of idealistic activists, and assume social-educational responsibility in the community.

For example, the Gedera Community Garin, founded in 2006, includes 16 families and 25 young adults (both Ethiopian-Israelis and veteran-Israelis) with similar educational values, who all live in Gedera and take social-educational responsibility in the Shapira Neighborhood (1,300 Ethiopian-Israelis - 74% of all Ethiopian Israelis in Gedera who comprise 87% of the neighborhood's population).


The Garin members operate activities such as "Homework- At Home!” an effective home-tutoring program that creates a positive learning environment at home, the Youth Center, Community Gardening, as well as working  closely with the Gedera Regional High School.


FBN results include:


  • After two years of FBN programming, high school dropout rates by grade 12 decreased to ZERO, where previously the dropout rate was nearly 80%.
  • The local police report ZERO calls by the high school, where previously there was at least one call per week due to violence involving Ethiopian-Israeli youth.
  • Magen David Adom has reported ZERO calls related to youth violence from the Shapira neighborhood in the past 2 years, while before they reported 6 such call every 24 hours!
  • FBN has developed enthusiastic young leadership who take responsibility for their communities.
  • FBN has copied the model to a total of 8 communities: Gedera, Kiryat Gat, Yavne, Be'er-Sheva, Beit-Shemesh, Netivot, Ashkelon and Rishon Le-Zion.


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