Currently in production:  A new movie by Avishai Yeganyahu Mekonen & Shari Rothfarb Mekonen

This is the story of the Ethiopian Jewish heroes who risked their lives to help lead their community to the Holy Land.

Heroes is a documentary film currently in production that tells the story of those Ethiopian Israelis who, despite having found personal safety and freedom in Israel in the 1970’s and 1980’s, went back to Ethiopia and Sudan to help save the rest of the community.  While the Israeli airlifts – Operation Moses in 1984 (and “Joshua” in 1985) and Operation Solomon in 1991 – were life-saving, amazing feats, the story of the aliyah of the Ethiopian Jewish community begins with the activism and determination of Ethiopian Jews themselves.


These heroic men and women  faced danger, hardship and – in many cases – imprisonment and torture.   Yet in schoolbooks, the media and public perception is that Ethiopian Jews were victims who were rescued by Israeli Mosad and Air Force heroes – not that Ethiopian Jews are actually the true heroes.  Ethiopian Jews made the plans, set up the routes, walked the nearly 1,000 kilometers, died on the way, hid in hostile Sudanese refugee camps, and once in Israel, often came back, to bring out the rest of their families or villages.

From the beginning and in the end, the heroes of the Beta Israel aliyah are the Ethiopian Jews who walked to Sudan, who took the risks, devised the plans, came illegally down from Gondar to Addis, went to jail for the right to be Jewish, who refused to give up and in many cases – gave their lives.  In Heroes, we salute them and honor them.

Ferede Aklum and (L) and Baruch Tegegne (R) at Western Wall in Jerusalem
Ferede Aklum (z”l) & Baruch Tegegne (z”l)

From Yona Bogale to Ferede Aklum and Baruch Tegegne to Tesfaye Aderajo, Babu Yakov, Mehary Robel and dozens of other Beta Israel activists, Heroes tells the never-before-told stories of some of the greatest heroes of the Jewish people.

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Documentary films are important vehicles for history, for pride, for truth, for knowledge, education and self-awareness.  Plus – the story of the aliyah of the Ethiopian Jews is one of the most thrilling, spine-tingling, amazing adventure stories on earth.   Previews of the footage has had viewers in tears, as well as filled with joy.

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