Olim Beyahad


Olim Beyahad – or Bandelay Woodelay (in Amharic) – or Rising Together (in English) – integrates members of the Ethiopian Israeli community as a normative and important part of Israeli life in the areas of employment, residence, education, and social life.

Over the past 10 years, Olim Beyahad has helped more than 900 graduates and participants to find employment in compatible jobs at the forefront of Israel’s workforce in a variety of professional areas.

Olim Behayad’s flagship program identifies excelling Ethiopian Israeli university students and graduates with leadership potential, helps them integrate into suitable jobs in the Israeli workforce, and provides them with professional tools to excel in throughout their employment. Each participant is carefully matched with a personal mentor (an individual who holds a senior position in their desired profession). The mentors become partners in helping to fulfill Olim Beyahad’s vision and become active through the personal and emotional bonds they form with participants and the program. Mentors also deepen their awareness of the challenges faced by the Ethiopian Israeli community and see their ability to create change. Olim Beyahad’s alumni are encouraged to volunteer in the community and many are active in the “Graduates Forum”.

In addition to working with the program participants, Olim Beyahad is focused on creating a community of partnerships and connections among its volunteers, partner corporations, and social organizations that are active in the Ethiopian Israeli community. The goal of these strategic partnerships is to increase the involvement of Israel’s professional community and create opportunities for them to help advance the Ethiopian Israeli community and encourage their proper integration in Israeli society.

The final product – A social and professional network of Ethiopian Israelis and non-Ethiopian Israelis who unite into a social movement. Together, with feelings of strength and deep belief, they are fulfilling the vision of an Israel that includes Ethiopian Israelis as an integral part of the economic and social leadership.

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Olim Beyahad– Employment and Leadership for Ethiopian Israeli University Graduates
Contact Person: Sigal Kanotopsky, CEO
Tel: 972-77-5060840, ext 102
Email: sigal@olim-beyahad.org.il
Website: http://olim-beyahad.org.il/en