Shmuel Yilma and KHA

Shmuel Yilma

Shmuel Yilma, Board member and former scholarship recipient from Keren Hann Aynor (KHA) has just completed a fund raising tour in the U.S., raising funds for the Keren Hanan Aynor Scholarship Program.   KHA provides scholarships and support to Ethiopian Israeli adults seeking higher degrees.  This year, more than 200 qualified applicants requested scholarships but KHA had funds for only HALF that number.

Traveling to Boston, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC and other cities, helped raised funds needed to help Ethiopian Israelis get the education and academic degrees vital to successful professional careers

Each scholarship is, on average, $1,000 per student.  KHA focuses on older students for whom fewer scholarships are available, such as students seeking Masters degrees or PhD’s, married students with families, or older students returning after an absence.   Also, nearly 70% of KHA scholarship applicants are women, often with families to support.   A KHA scholarship, which can be used for any expense, can make the difference between attending school or not.

Shmuel Yilma came to Israel in 1980 at age 8, via the tortuous journey through Sudan.   Educated in Israel, Mr. Yilma served as a paratrouper in the IDF, earned a BA and a Masters in Educational Counseling, and wrote a book (in Hebrew and in English) called “From Falasha to Freedom.”  (available on 

While Mr. Yilma was successful in his campaign, KHA is still seeking to raise scholarship funds.  Nearly $50,000 is still needed this year.   If you would like to help, please go to  or , click here.